Cordless Coring Drill

US Patent 11,623,285
Finally, an answer to one of the most problematic operations in construction!


Easy to use and always accurate, this unique cordless drill is an essential tool for any installer of pipes or cables in timber framed construction.


With an initial customer base of approximately 2 million construction professionals in the US alone this product with its unique accessories will generate premium pricing income for the manufacturer and distributor forever.

  • Safe in-use – hands away from the working bit and out of the wall cavity area
  • No potential physical damage or stress to the hands or arms of the user; no wrist injury
  • Always accurate controlled cuts perfect in size and location
  • All cuts straight; reduces bit burn-out rate
  • Fast with no reduction in speed due to user tiredness
  • Error free; no costly rectification after finished work is completed
  • No debris in the air; sawdust extracted at source
  • No debris on site; solid cut cores collected
  • Entirely new product with significant benefits to user generates premium retail price
  • A range of unique accessories generating ongoing premium pricing income
  • A family of products may be built around this new technology

Completed cut

Prototype in action

Animation of tool in use