Caulk-Away™ —  removes caulk easily

Caulk-Away tool head

Over 15 million
Caulk-Away™ Tools Sold

Available in red with the Caulk-Away logo or with your corporate name and logo and in another colour, this tool is a must for anyone who wants to easily remove caulk or sealant.

  • Unique patented product

  • Allows you to remove caulk and sealant easily and quickly

  • Suitable for silicone, latex and acrylic caulks and sealants

  • Reusable tool

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to use – you don’t need to be an expert

  • Unique patented design allows you to get to every angle

  • No chemicals required

  • No scratching

  • Can be sharpened for reuse

  • Multiple cutting and scraping edges and points

  • Invented and manufactured in Canada

Caulk-Away tool in various colors