The Caulk-Wizard is totally unique. The Caulk-Wizard incorporates three award winning patents and is manufactured to the highest standards in Canada.  It is the Vancouver Tool Corporation’s latest innovation.


The Caulk-Wizard has been created for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast as well as the professional. This multi-function sealant tool has been ergonomically designed to address every function in the tasks of removing and applying sealants.


Firstly; The Caulk-Wizard incorporates all aspects of the award winning Caulk-Away tool. By folding the application end of the Caulk-Wizard back upon itself all the scrapping edges and sharp point of the Caulk-Away removal tool can be utilised, to successfully remove sealants in even the most difficult corners without scratching.


Secondly; a stainless steel blade can be found in the centre of the Caulk-Wizard tool positioned to prevent personal injury while cutting the sealant tube to the desired size, negating the need for a safety knife. No other sealant tool on the market has this function and yet cutting the sealant tube to the correct size is a prerequisite to any caulking job.


Thirdly; The Caulk-Wizard includes all attributes of the Caulk-Rite tool including the unique flexible rubber blade ensuring the correct application of sealant to any angle.

The Caulk-Wizard is a complete innovation in the world of sealants. No other caulking tool looks like it, nor performs all these three functions properly.


  • Totally unique

  • Patented multi-function tool

  • Allows for the easy removal of caulks and sealants

  • Incorporates a safety blade for cutting the nozzle to size

  • Allows you to create the perfect caulking bead

  • Suitable for silicone, latex and acrylic caulks and sealants

  • Reusable tool

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to use – you don’t need to be an expert

  • Flexible end forces sealant into the joint

  • No mess or edge marks
    Conforms to any angle and shape, for example around facets and pipes

  • No wasted sealant or caulk

  • No chemicals required

  • No messy fingers

  • Suitable for any application and/or removal task

  • Invented and manufactured in Canada